My First Blog — a “Foreshadow”

There are some “perks” to growing old. Let me change that — I prefer “maturing gracefully.” Lincoln University, in Jefferson City, MO is located only a few miles from my home. Several years ago I learned that the University offered a special “perk” for “Senior Citizens” 65 and over, allowing them to audit classes for only $25 a semester after a one-time application fee. They even provided a complimentary parking pass to park in student parking! It was a deal I couldn’t pass up and an opportunity to take a class in Creative Writing that I had wanted to take for years.

Much to my surprise, however, I discovered that the class was Creative Writing for fiction–
not something I was particularly interested in or thought I had any talent for, but since that was the only creative writing class offered, I decided it would probably provide some general principles to improve my writing. One of the terms I learned that is effectively used in fiction writing was “foreshadowing” — inserting something early in the book or short story that is a subtle indication of something important that will be revealed later.

So, consider this, my first attempt at blogging, a “foreshadow” of something important that will be revealed later! That’s all I’ll say at this time. (Are you hooked yet?)

The first big decision in starting to blog is to decide what to name your blog. If possible, you want a name that is distinctly yours and yet easy for people to find, and creative, if possible. The past few years the Lord has been teaching me experientially what it means to walk in Biblical truth and grace, so that seemed a good name to use for my blog… something about truth and grace. I searched on WordPress to see if any one else had used those words in their blog name….and to my amazement every conceivable arrangement of those words seemed to be already in use. So, I decided to name my blog, at least initially, something that was personally mine — “Ann M. Mobley.” See how much I benefited from my taking a Creative Writing class?

My first blog post is going to be brief, although those of you who know me well, know writing “tight” is something I have to work at! I do want to draw your attention to the Scripture verse by my blog portrait — “.. grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18). In God’s providential grace, I was exposed early in life to the good news of the truth of God’s Word. Like all the rest of mankind, I was born a sinner and therefore it was my nature to be sinful and I needed to be forgiven of my sins in order to have a relationship with God. Even as a child of seven, I could understand that, and also understand that God loved me very much and had sent his Son, Jesus, into the world to die for my sin, and be raised back to life by God, to demonstrate that Jesus’ payment for my sin (and the sins of all who trusted him) was sufficient. With the simple faith of a child, I received Jesus as my Savior, and began a wonderful, life-long journey of “growing in the grace and knowledge of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

That on-going journey is some of the things I will be sharing from time to time on this blog.
I’ve often said I could sum up the testimony of my life in four words: “God has been faithful!”
But if I did only that, you would miss all the amazing ways he has orchestrated and displayed that faithfulness. I hope you will stay tuned for my frequent, but not regularly scheduled, postings.

Still learning to walk in truth and grace…..



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